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My working philosophy in two words: "Or Perish!"

While some claim that other forms of communication have surpassed the importance of basic writing, the truth is that carefully-aimed writing remains an essential tool for spreading your message. If you are a leader or aspire to be one in any field or endeavor, you need to use the power of words effectively.

Effective words are my business.

I have been writing for a living since I graduated from college in 1989. After a summer job as a researcher, I began work in 1990 as an editorial associate for a non-profit company producing several publications with a team of writers and editors. Not only did I write but I also helped develop themes, find and contract freelancers, and edited their work.

View Mark Horne's profile on LinkedInSince that time, I have continued to write for a living. In addition to being a successfully published author, I have worked on book projects for others. I have written professionally for trade publications, as well as worked as a journalist and book reviewer for news magazines. I have written business newsletters, corporate blogs, political handbooks, and provided product for direct mail offerings.

I am an experienced speech writer, who has provided training for teachers in the educational uses of new media. I also serve as a consultant to businesses interested in a corporate blog.

More information about what I have done, and what I can do for you, please contact me.

While almost everyone knows how to write to some degree or other, not everyone has made writing his life's work or hung her livelihood on it. When you contact me with your project you can know that I am driven to provide you with professional and timely service that you would want to recommend to other business or non-profit leaders.